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Black Mesa w/installer: CLICK HERE

Black Mesa Installation Instructions: CLICK HERE

Audi 2G MMI Software updates 3360 & 4610: CLICK HERE

Audi 2G 2016 Satellite Navigation Update: CLICK HERE

ALL MAPS ARE 7-ZIPPED. 7zip will also let you open .RAR files for free. Download 7-zip 32bit: CLICK HERE

Download 7-zip 64bit: CLICK HERE


This will allow you to always find Gunnys Hooch and Colds Juke Joint. These 2 servers will show up under "Play On Steam Group Server" that can be accessed form the main menu of the game. All 8 slots are visible so no crazy shenanigans to join a game. Look forward to hunting with you real soon!

*NEW 9/15/17 Outbreak: Resident Evil (Fixed): CLICK HERE

WILL NOT WORK WITH GAMEMAPS OR WORKSHOP VERSION CALLED RESIDENT EVIL FILE #1 (THIS IS THAT MAP = Outbreak.vpk) Fixed all sound files to have correct hz, mono/stereo, and bitrate. Removed all extra model files and there associated .png files. Created a sound.cache file for the sound file folder so sounds work across the entire campaign. Removed 9 of the 12 tanks in the finale. AGAIN, WILL NOT WORK WITH GAMEMAPS OR WORKSHOP VERSION CALLED RESIDENT EVIL FILE #1.

*UPD 9/12/17 Lambda L4D2: CLICK HERE

Tweaked this one up and reduced the size by removing 3,000 dupe textures and models. Hunt on!

*NEW 8/1/17 Quedan 4x Morir L4D2: CLICK HERE

This one has all of the LOTR characters, voices, and music. Map is named helmsdeepclassic.vpk in ADDONS folder. Defend the deep!

UPD 8/8/2017* Cold Case 2017 v8.0: CLICK HERE
UPD8/8/2017* Cold Case 2017 v8.0: GAMEMAPS

Map is available at gamemaps.com.

UPD 8/8/2017* Cold Case The Forsaken: CLICK HERE
UPD8/8/2017* Cold Case The Forsaken: GAMEMAPS

Map is available at gamemaps.com.

UPD 7/22/17* Left or Right v5.0: CLICK HERE
UPD 7/22/17* Left or Right v5.0: GAMEMAPS
UPD 7/22/17* Left or Right v5.0: WORKSHOP

Fixed LOR_22 crashing finally. orks with new collection in Steam workshop too. Latest version and has a working link to gamemaps.com version. Missing textures from L4D1 are in this map and you dont need the missing textrure pack if you have this map enabled in the addons of your game. Cleaned up whole map and fixed stringtables. Awesome map!

*NEW 7/18/17 Dead Air Modified v5.1: CLICK HERE
*NEW 7/17/17 Going Ballistic v5.0: CLICK HERE

Added some fun to the football field finale. Added some hordes on the Tron door run to the saferoom. Fixed rocket sound to be a rocket.

*NEW 7/9/17 Hard Rain Downpour: CLICK HERE

Latest version with working workshop link. DOES NOT WORK WITH GAMEMAPS VERSION. This is the latest version from the author. Subscribe to the workshop version and then overwrite that version in your workshop folder with this one.

*NEW 7/5/17 Pasiri (Fixed Version): CLICK HERE

This is the gamemaps.com Pasiri - Fixed version that works with the workshop version. We fixed both maps, they are the same. Campaigns 3 and 4 missing stringtable files. Enjoy this old classsic!

*NEW 7/5/17 Helms Deep Classic: CLICK HERE

This one has all of the LOTR characters, voices, and music. Map is named helmsdeepclassic.vpk in ADDONS folder. Defend the deep!

*NEW 7/4/17 CSS Ports: The Office, The Port, and Prodigy: CLICK HERE

Campaigns 1 and 3 missing 2 stringtable files. Campaign 2 missing 1 stringtable file. The workshop versions of these maps are USELESS and not coop playable. Cleaned up mission files too.

* UPDATED 7/16/17: Map Pack 11 added. *

MAP PACKS of every decent campaign:

There are 169 "addons folder" campaigns in MAP PACKS 1-7 and 10.

There are 22 "workshop folder" campaigns in MAP PACK 8 and 9.


2evileyes.vpk, 7hours_later_l4d2.vpk, 25tolife.vpk, absolute.vpk, adammission.vpk, apocalypse2.vpk, blackcityextended.vpk, blight_path_ls.vpk, bloodharvestmodified3_0.vpk, bloodhospital2.vpk, bloodtracks.vpk, bloodysunday2.vpk, bts_l4d2.vpk, capemurder2.vpk, carnage2.vpk, carriedoff.vpk, centro.vpk, chinaofthedead.vpk, city17l4d2.vpk


crossingover2.vpk, cure2.vpk, damit2dc_v1.vpk, darkblood2_v3.vpk, daybreak_v2.vpk, ddg_v2_1.vpk, dead street 2.vpk, dead_military2.vpk, deadbeatescape.vpk, deadcity2.vpk, deaddestination.vpk, deadflagblues_l4d2.vpk, deadhighschool.vpk, deadindustry2.vpk, deadly_dispatch.vpk, deadlyending.vpk


krufftycenter.vpk, echo.vpk, energycrisis.vpk, escansion.vpk, escapefromtoronto.vpk, exmala_v7.vpk, fallen.vpk, fallindeath.vpk, fb.vpk, firetowertrail.vpk, fortnoesis.vpk, freepassage.vpk, thepunisher.vpk, gasfever.vpk, goldeneye.vpk, gunk.vpk, hauntedforest_v3.vpk, heartbreakfridge.vpk, heavencanwaitl4d2.vpk, highwaytohellagain.vpk, ihatemountains2.vpk, indiana_adventure_v3.vpk, jsarena2.vpk, jsgone.vpk


infectedcityc2.vpk, infected city v6.0 fixed.vpk, thepunisher.vpk, left4bowl.vpk, left4dust.vpk, lostinlinz2.vpk, lostv2_fixed.vpk, mario2.vpk, mic2v11.vpk, mic3v666.vpk, midnightrr2.vpk, naniwacity2.vpk, nightterror2013.vpk, nofate2.vpk, nomorecedal4d2.vpk, nomoreindustries2.vpk, nowayout2.vpk, no_space_4_zombies_v3.vpk, overkill.vpk, pasiri.vpk, perfect_hideout2.vpk, pitchdarkmesa.vpk,powerstation2.vpk, precinct84_l4d2.vpk, project auburn 2.vpk, questionableethics.vpk, re3_nemesis.vpk, re2_birkin_a.vpk, re2_birkin_b.vpk


redemptionii.vpk, roadtonowhere2.vpk, runtothehills.vpk, salthell.vpk, sbtd_l4d2.vpk, shadowmosesisland.vpk, silenthill2.vpk, soitimelordsver.vpk, stenches.vpk, strandeadl4d2.vpk, suicideblitz2.vpk, thecure13.vpk, thedarkparish_av3.vpk, thelastvolt.vpk, thereturn_sequel.vpk, tourofterror.vpk, tt.vpk,umbrella.vpk, urbanflight.vpk, viennacalling.vpk, viennacalling2.vpk, warcelona.vpk, white_forest.vpk, withoutname.vpk, wthbeta.vpk, youaredoomed.vpk, zmb13.vpk, themortuary.vpk


absolute.vpk, citycenterapocalypseextended.vpk, damit_buried.vpk, deadenator.vpk, escapetorontolite.vpk, hellstorm2.vpk, l4cake2.vpk, lastcall.vpk, l4d2escapefromvalencia2.vpk, the_ultimate_woods.vpk, l4d2lastsummer5.vpk, soitimelordsver.vpk, reverse_nomercy2.vpk, reverse_bloodharvest2.vpk, alientrilogy_section1_v1_1.vpk, crescendo_collision_apocalypse.vpk, crescendo_collision.vpk


nowayout_v3.vpk, citycenterapocalypse.vpk, Outbreak.vpk, qe2.vpk, stargate2.vpk, StarshipTroopers_UndeadZone.vpk, umbrella2.0.vpk, zombies_caribbean.vpk, the_hive.vpk, the woods 2.vpk, Jungle_Brains_4_Ghouls.vpk, freepassage2.0.vpk


deadontimel4d2.vpk, deadrunl4d2.vpk, deadseriesoriginal.vpk, deadst2.vpk, DeadStreet13.vpk, deathaboard2.vpk, deathisland.vpk, deathrowl4d2.vpk, deathsentence.vpk, DeathStrip.vpk, deathtripv5.vpk, derailed2.vpk, detourahead.vpk, die_screaming_l4d2.vpk, dietrying_l4d2.vpk, damit_buried.vpk, deathtoiletmaze_v3.0.vpk

200 plus campaigns that can be run on your home PC or on a custom server. These campaigns have working links, meaning they work with the maps on gamemps.com AND the workshop. No more worrying if a campaign works or not = THESE DO! Peace and harmony in one place. Delete all your other shite and use these maps they are tried, true , and tested. All links go to gamemaps.com or to the workshop.

*5/3/17* Dead Echo 2: CLICK HERE

*UPD 5/26/17* Escape From Toronto L4D2: CLICK HERE

*UPD 5/26/17* Escape From Toronto L4D2: CLICK HERE:GAMEMAPS

Fixed this great map that is also over on gamemaps.com. Six map campaign. This is final at v4.0. Fixed skyboxes.

UPD 6/11/17* Posters For L4D2 Campaign Switcher (.7z): CLICK HERE

UPD 6/11/17* Posters For L4D2 Campaign Switcher (.zip): CLICK HERE

UPD 6/11/17* Posters For L4D2 Campaign Switcher (.rar): CLICK HERE

If you use L4D2 Campaign Switcher, you know pink checkerboard is all that shows up when it switches to a custom campaign from a stock or a custom campaign- NO MORE. Drop these poster files in your L4D2 game directory here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Left 4 Dead 2\left4dead2\materials\vgui. Voila!

NEW 4/12/17* Live 4 Ever 2: CLICK HERE

Very simple 3 map campaign with versus and survival. Hunt on and enjoy everyone!

UPD 4/9/17* Innes Road Rash 4: CLICK HERE

Good 5 map campaign. Hunt on and enjoy it everyone!

UPD 4/9/17* Innes Road Rash 3: CLICK HERE

Earlier version of map above. Also 5 map campaign. Kill on hunters!

*UPD 4/9/17 The Woods 1 & 2: CLICK HERE

Here is The Woods versions 1 & 2. No more conflicts with The Ultimate Woods.

*UPD 4/9/17 No Space 4 Zombies v3: CLICK HERE

Fixed version 3 to show in mission file. 2.1 causes error in mission file. Fixed so that the campaign would show up when making a server/lobby. This will work with all other releases of v2.0 and v2.1 using direct connect form the console.

*NEW 3/19/17 Hong Kong 4 Dead: CLICK HERE
*NEW 3/18/17 Clamtoll: L4D2 Death Toll Remake FIXED: CLICK HERE

Fixed invisible finale vehicle and added some goodies to maps 1, 3, 4, and 5. Enjoy everyone!

*UPD 3/13/17 Symbyosys v13: CLICK HERE

ONE VPK now - NO NEED TO DOWNLOAD EXTRA TEXTURE AND MODEL PACK! Took custom weapons out. Fixed stringtable files. MUCH SMALLER after clean up. Does NOT work with version from gamemaps.com. MUCH SMALLER FILE. Enjoy all!

*NEW 3/12 Free Passage 2.0: CLICK HERE

This 3 map campaign never had a download link and is very good. Will NOT work with version over on www.gamemaps.com. This version will allow people to download map and join your game. Added some fun on finale.

*NEW 3/4/17 City 17 v3.2: CLICK HERE

Here is the infamous and wildly popular City 17 with a working link for others to download over at gamemaps.com. WILL WORK with the original that does not have a link at all. Grab it up server owners.

*NEW 3/1/17 Crescendo Collision Apocalypse: CLICK HERE

This one is actually 1 map from all the officail campaigns strung together amazingly into a 13 map campaign, with an original finale. Most excellent work. This has L4D1 survivors. Enjoy everyone!

*UPD 2/28/17 Reverse No Mercy 2: CLICK HERE

Update to version 3.0 Fixed model error in finale and added some hoardes to all maps. Everything is glorious now however! This baby is fun.

*NEW 2/27/17 Jungle Brains 4 Dead: CLICK HERE

4 campaign mashup totalling 7 maps. Check it!

*NEW 2/23/17 Reverse Blood Harvest 2: CLICK HERE

Finally did these up the right way with all the L4D2 goodies and all maps cleaned up. The only TRUE L4D2 versions of these maps. You're welcome and enjoy!

*UPD 2/22/17* Dead Vacation L4D2: CLICK HERE: OUR SITE
*NEW 2/26/16* Dead Vacation L4D2: CLICK HERE: GAMEMAPS

Released on gamemaps.com and the workshop. Version 8.0. Add some entities to maps 1 and 2. Fixed some sound files. Cleaned up all maps. This is the latest version of this map. This map's download link takes everyone to the workshop, where this map resides. Enjoy all - this map rocks and rolls!

*NEW 2/19/14* No Fate 2: CLICK HERE

Cool this little 3 mapper from L4D1 with all the L4D2 goodies. Lots of hordes! Check it!

New 2/17/17* Special Task L4D2: CLICK HERE

"Special Task" is a five chapter battle class map, the map by the domestic author "Morning Morning" Production. The story tells of the survivors who crash in the desert and survive by finding an desert oasis. In order to continue to survive, they must pass through a zombie horror village, a dark underground maze, and the mysterious Research Institute. They hope to grab the final helicopter ride out, and to flee the apocalypse. Enjoy everyone!

UPD 2/17/17* Left 4 SGC v3.0 Beta: CLICK HERE

This and the taken down gamemaps version BOTH had a link to download here, so keep downloading and enjoy this great map. This map has had no update for 2 years, so we updated it. We have made this one English friendly. Portal: English, SGC: English. Carter, Teal'c, O'Neill, Gen. Hammond: English etc etc. Will it make any sense? Well, Dr. Seuss thinks so! Not compatible with any other version. Enjoy everyone!

NEW 2/17/17* config.cfg file for custom binds on your keyboard: CLICK HERE

bind "b" "askconnect_accept" / / / bind "g" "sm_berserker"
bind "i" "say /afk" / / / bind "j" "say /drop"
bind "k" "say /kills" / / / bind "l" "sm_plane"
bind "o" "fortspawn_save" / / / bind "p" "fortspawn_remove"
bind "u" "sm_forcezerkon" / / / bind "v" "say /laseron"
bind "x" "+mouse_menu QA" / / / bind "z" "+mouse_menu Orders"
bind "KP_END" "+soundMenu" / / / bind "KP_DOWNARROW" "+soundMenu2"
bind "KP_PGDN" "+soundMenu3" / / / bind "KP_LEFTARROW" "+soundMenu4"
bind "KP_5" "+soundMenu5" / / / bind "KP_RIGHTARROW" "+soundMenu6"
bind "KP_HOME" "+soundMenu7" / / / bind "KP_UPARROW" "+soundMenu8"
bind "KP_PGUP" "+soundMenu9" / / / bind "[" "fortspawn_move y 10"
bind "]" "fortspawn_move y -10" / / / bind "`" "toggleconsole"
bind "," "fortspawn_move z 10" / / / bind "." "fortspawn_move z -10"
bind "/" "fortspawn_rotate 15" / / / bind "\" "fortspawn_rotate -15"
bind "-" "fortspawn_move x 10" / / / bind "INS" "say /pause"
bind "DEL" "fortspawn_move x -10" / / / bind "HOME" "+voice"
bind "END" "hldj_playaudio_off" / / / bind "PGUP" "sm_pass"
bind "PGDN" "sm_veto" / / / bind "PAUSE" "hldj_playaudio"
bind "F1" "Vote Yes" / / / bind "F2" "Vote No"
bind "F3" "l4d2_iammo" / / / bind "F4" "say /perks"
bind "F5" "sm_storm" / / / bind "F6" "say /csc"
bind "F7" "say /csm" / / / bind "F8" "mm_dedicated_force_servers,"
bind "F9" "sm_admin" / / / bind "F10" "fortspawn_menu"
bind "F11" "disconnect"

UPD 2/16/17* Cape Murder 2: CLICK HERE

Added cool shit on every map. Cleaned up all 5 maps too. Great little 5 mapper that is super fun!

NEW 2/13/17* Stenches 3.0: CLICK HERE

Here is the earliest version of this awesome we could muster. Will not conflict with any other version of the map here or on gamemaps. Hunt on zombie killers!

NEW 2/13/17* Stenches 5.0: CLICK HERE

Here is another version of this great map by Goanna. Will not conflict with any other version of the map here or on gamemaps. Fight on!

NEW 2/13/17* DeadSeries 4.0: CLICK HERE

Here is a classic earliest version of this map we could find. Will not conflict with any other version of the map here or on gamemaps. Rock on!

NEW 2/12/17* Escape From Valencia/ Last Summer: CLICK HERE

Here are two great maps, Valencia v2 and Summer v5with fixed links and missing models and textures added. 1 download, 2 maps. Both maps will work with the older versions on gamemaps.com. Hunt on!

NEW 2/12/17* Explosive Cars Plugin: CLICK HERE

Working version of L4D2 Explosive Cars. Enjoy!

NEW 2/12/17* Dark Carnival GHS: CLICK HERE

The classic remixed up for more fun by 1sgheartless. 5 maps to hunt on and enjoy!

*NEW 2/12/17* There Goes The Neighborhood: CLICK HERE

Fight through the neighborhood to the embassy, then run or die to the escape in the finale. Combination of There Goes the Neighborhood, US Embassy, and the finale to Urban Disaster, a little known but excellent map.

*NEW 2/10/17* Valve's Missing Content/Pink Wall Fix: CLICK HERE

Valve removed some assets recently. Here is the fix. Helps in Yama and many other maps.

NEW 2/10/17* Huck's, Cold's, Gunny's Server Files: CLICK HERE

Here is ALL of our server files. 16 MB dload. Serve it up kemosabe!

NEW 2/10/17* Last Train Home: CLICK HERE

Simple yet fun 3 map campaign. Hunt on and enjoy it everyone!

UPD 2/8/17* Starship Troopers In The Undead Zone: CLICK HERE

Version 4.0 and weapons are as good as a Starship boy can get them. New bug or two as well! I don't think the link here on the site ever worked - OOPS - so sorry everyone?! Need I Say more!! Enjoy all!

NEW 2/7/17* Infected City v6.0 Fixed: CLICK HERE

Version 6.0. Added stringtable files to map 4 so this 5 map super dee dupercampaign from Super Fly can be played on all servers without crashing. Enjoy all!

NEW 2/7/17* Cube: CLICK HERE

Version 2.0. Added stringtable files to all maps so this 3 map campaign from Russian author Facemann A-Team can be played on all servers without crashing. Enjoy all!

NEW 2/7/17* City Center Apocalypse Extended: CLICK HERE

Version 2.0. Fight thru 6 levels of zombie apocalypse hell! Fixed bad spawn on finale map. Crazy exploding barrel event has more helath. Enjoy all!

NEW 1/17/17* Left 4 Duluth 2017: CLICK HERE

4 map campaign. Tweaked things up and fixed crashing in map 1. Removed intro movie. Enjoy all!

NEW 1/13/17* Secret Operation 2.0: CLICK HERE

Version 2.0, just to distinguish it from the original authors version 1. WILL NOT WORK WITH ORIGINAL VERSION AT ALL. Where to start? Missing stringtable files in maps 2 and 5. All art was fubar to some degree. Changed spawn properties of the 6 grenade launchers in map 1 so that now ragers can find one. Fixed up mission file so there IS a download link for others to play with you. Added sound.cache file so the sounds all work. Enjoy all!

NEW 1/9/17* Deadenator: CLICK HERE

Version 1.0. Updated the link in this one to go to gamemaps. THe link in here goes to authors website and there you download a FOLDER, not a vpk. Good stuff. Here is the VPK. Works with gmaemaps and workshop versions. Enjoy all!

UPD 1/9/17* City Center Apocalypse: CLICK HERE

Version 4.0. Fixed texture problem in finale. THIS MAP IS BANGING! Fixed the rescue vocals in finale as well. Link in this map goes to gamemaps.com, this is just a quicker downmload. Enjoy all!

*NEW 12/16/16* Silent Hill Mini: CLICK HERE

See below, but this is 5 maps shorter, mini-me size. Enjoy everyone!

*UPD 12/16/16* Silent Hill 2 v9.0: CLICK HERE

L@MER the sad gamer, took all of our work and released this on gamemaps. He is a big boy now. This version 9.0 and links to download from gamemaps. HeadCloser nad Rayman get deserving credit for finding 51 missing texture files and 190 missing model files. All 4 endings working - EVEN THE SECRET ONE, FINALLY!! Type: map l4d_sh_credits in to console to see the credit map - it is hilarious. Sound now working. Enjoy everyone!

NEW 12/15/16* Questionable Ethics : Alpha test: CLICK HERE

Fixed broken download link so peeps can get map from gamemaps when joining your game. Enjoy all!

NEW 12/8/16* Stargate SG-4 v4: CLICK HERE

5 map Stargate campaign. Fixed the cheap lava deaths in map 2. Fixed the cheap train and future auto cheap deaths in map 4. Fixed the stringtable_dictionary.dct files that were missing from maps 1-4, basically rendering this map unplayable in coop. Link to download is our site, gamemaps won't allow this one. The crying and whining finally got to the great admin there. Sorry I cause such pain Sir Admin. You rulle however! Enjoy all!

NEW 11/21/16* Escape From Toronto: Revisited Lite: CLICK HERE

2 map revised version of the 5 map big brother. Big bro was designed for L4D1. This one was made for L4D2 by the author. Enjoy all!

NEW 11/19/16* Gunk: CLICK HERE

Here is Gunk, working with stringtable_dictionary.dct file in map 2 so so servers will not crash when new players join. Every other map but 2 is compatible with the gamemaps.com version. The link in this one comes here though, as our download speeds are faster than the gamemaps links. Enjoy all! /p>

UPD 11/13/16* Dam It: Buried By The Flood: CLICK HERE

Version 5.0. Turtle Rock Studios last Left 4 Dead 1 campaign that was never finished. 3 map campaign ties Dead Air and Blood Harvest together. Like to thank Ryan aka Trunten and Cold for finding this one. Campaign only. Added all the L4D2 goodies and what nots. Fixed elevators on finale.

NEW 8/25/16* The Punisher: CLICK HERE

Here is .vpk with working download link. Version 3.0 THAT IS COMPATIBLE with the gamemaps.com version. THe link in this one directs everyone to gamemaps.com. Enjoy this 7 mapper!

UPD 8/19/16* Military Industrial Complex III v666: CLICK HERE ON GAMEMAPS

Version 6.0. Lots cooler and funnerer! The Coldmaster gives this one two thumbs and two big toes way up! Wiggling zombies are back!

UPD 8/13/16* Absolute Zero: CLICK HERE

This version of the map works with map on gamemaps.com. It has been updated with a finale, We just took out all versus and survival maps to make it smaller, and the excess textures and model files not needed = 389 MB with 7-zip. One model did not have the right extensiuon, so the model fix is included here too. Great map and it has a finale.

NEW 7/17/16* The Ultimate Woods: CLICK HERE

7 mapper that combines THe Woods with The Woods 2. Uses the finale from The Woods by the way. Enjoy all.

NEW 7/7/16* Apocalypse 2: CLICK HERE

5 mapper that is not too bad. Enjoy.

NEW 7/6/16* Leaving Home: CLICK HERE

This version has stringtable files in maps 2, 4, and 5 so the map will not crash on coop servers that run it. Enjoy.

NEW 3/31/16* Lost v2 Fixed: CLICK HERE

Version 1.0, the same release as several months ago only a duplicate backup map file removed. This is coop only. Added a sound.cache file to map for custom sounds to work. Created stringtable_dictionary.dct for all 6 maps. THIS IS THE SAME MAP THAT IS ON GAMEMAPS.COM. Enjoy all!

*UPD 3/3/16* Dead Military 2: CLICK HERE: OUR SITE
*UPD 3/3/16* Dead Military 2: CLICK HERE: GAMEMAPS

Here is the latest Dead Military 2. This is version 9.0. Fixed map 7 not changiong to map 8, the finale. The links in this map take everyone to gamemaps.com. Updated finale to latest version - and finally working. This is a super cool 8 mapper from L4D1 with all the L4D2 goodies. Lots of hordes and killing!

*UPD 3/4/16* Goldeneye 4 Dead Fixed: CLICK HERE: GAMEMAPS
*UPD 3/4/16* Goldeneye 4 Dead Fixed: CLICK HERE: OUR SITE

*UPD 2/26/16* You Are Doomed: CLICK HERE

Released on gamemaps.com. Version 1.0. Lost 80 mb of bloated textures and models. Added all the L4D2 goodies!

*NEW 1/26/16* Haunted Forest v1.3: CLICK HERE

Here is this map WITH a working download link. WORKS WITH GAMEMAPS VERSION. All maps here that have only there download link updated work with GAMEMAPS.COM and WORKSHOP versions of that map.

*NEW 1/22/16* Death Trip v5: CLICK HERE

Missing string_table.dct file in finale map. THIS MAP FROM ANY OTHER SOURCE WILL ALWAYS CRASH IF ANY PLAYER JOINS THE GAME AFTER LOBBY ON THE FIANLE. Enjoy a classic that now works again.

*NEW 1/8/16* Resident Evil 1 (PSOne): CLICK HERE

Missing string_table.dct file in map 4. THIS MAP FROM ANY OTHER SOURCE WILL ALWAYS CRASH IF ANY PLAYER JOINS THE GAME AFTER LOBBY. This version WILL NOT work with workshop or gamemaps.com version. Link in this map takes a player to this site. Took out melee weapon models too. THIS MAP WORKS!!!

List of everything in our addons folder: CLICK HERE

All our maps are 7-zipped. Download 7-zip: CLICK HERE

*NEW 12/4/15* 2032: CLICK HERE

Here is the map 2032 about 130 MB smaller and with a custom outrotitle. Links to the version on gamemaps.com.


*UPD 12/4/15*






These are now in our Steam Workshop. Head over there or grab them all here. Grab all 5 apocalypse maps, then load up No Mercy APOCALYPSE 2 on our servers and play them all in a row! Dead Air has not been redone, but Blood Woods is a great fill in until it is. All maps by ROMBU. Dastardly good fun fellow hunters!

*NEW 10/17/15* Dead Air Modified 6.0: CLICK HERE

Here is the version of the map with a working link to gamemaps.com. WILL WORK WITH GAMEMAPS.COM VERSION.

*NEW 11/07/15* Racoon City Nemesis: CLICK HERE

Missing string_table.dct file in map 2. THIS MAP FROM ANY OTHER SOURCE WILL ALWAYS CRASH IF ANY PLAYER JOINS THE GAME AFTER LOBBY. This version WILL NOT work with workshop or gmaemaps.com version. Link in this map takes a player to this site. But this map WORKS!!!

*UPD 7/15/15* Dead Industry 2: CLICK HERE

Took out conflicting model from this map. You do not have to update unless you want one less conflict in addons. This is another classic 5 map campaign from Left For Dead 1!

NEW 7/3/15* Deadly Dispatch: CLICK HERE

This version of the map has a working link to gamemaps.com. Will also work with the map form gamemaps.com. The map on gamemaps.com has NO link in it for others to download map when they see you in a lobby or game.

NEW 6/16/15* Derailed 2: CLICK HERE

Here is an updated version of derailed with melee and all the l4d2 goodies. Ride on trucks, boats and trains to your escape fro the apocalypse! Delete derailed.vpk from addons. New map is called derailed2.vpk. Enjoy all!

NEW 6/6/15* Stenches v4.8: CLICK HERE

Here is beta version 4.8 of Stenches. We like this one the best and have it on a server or two. Thanks for all your great mapping efforts goanna! His other awesome map is Death Island. It has been here on our site for quite some time. The latest version of Stenches is here as well. Woot woot!

NEW 5/31/15* Twinkie's Night Scope: CLICK HERE

Here is the night vision scope from Twinkie's Turbo Desert Scout. Gives all sniper rifles including the hunting rifle a slight night vision effect.Very nice.

All maps available for download: CLICK HERE

Here are the latest addons/skins/mods we use: CLICK HERE

What is an addon/skin?: CLICK HERE

All of our skins/mods are renmaed starting with MOD. Example: MODre6 survivors.vpk. This way you will never lose track of your skins/mods in your addons folder and can delete them easily if you do not like them.

List of everything in our addons folder: CLICK HERE

*NEW 4/6/13* Blackout Extended: CLICK HERE

The map 1 tanks are fixed (6 tanks lol - now there is one). Check out this 25 mb download, it is quite good.

*UPD 3/22/13* Zombie Movie Without Name!: CLICK HERE

Here is a version of the map with all images, outro and intro titles, PLUS, imagine this everyone, A DOWNLOAD LINK SO OTHERS CAN GET THE MAP!!

*NEW 3/8/13* Chaos Theory L4D2: CLICK HERE

I don't know what the author/porter at gamemaps.com was thinking with this one, but here it is fixed up right and working.

*UPDATE* Fort Noesis L4D2: GET AT gamemaps.COM

Map is available at gamemaps.com.

*UPDATE* Freezer Burn: GET AT gamemaps.COM

Map is available at gamemaps.com.

*NEW 2/23/13* Current Addons and Skins: CLICK HERE

These are our current skins and addons - Install all to your addons folder - no conflicts, enjoy your new game called L4D2!

*NEW 2/22/13* Desert Camo Scout w/nightvision scope: CLICK HERE

Credit to quick shots and Twinkie. This skins the scout and gives you a nightvision scope on the scout and all other sniper rifles. Sweet!

*UPDATE* Silent Hill Deux: GET AT gamemaps.COM

Map is available at gamemaps.com.

*UPDATE* CC: The Forsaken: GET AT gamemaps.COM

Map is available at gamemaps.com.

*NEW 1/25/13* Dead Destination: CLICK HERE

Fixed conflict with other addons.

Deadly Ending: GET AT gamemaps.COM

Map is available at gamemaps.com.

VALVE UPDATED - 9 maps needed posters, outrotitles, and conflicting sounds and models/materials cleaned up: Dead Vacation, Reverse Blood Harvest/No Mercy, Death Pull (daytime Death Toll), Belle Fire 2, Breakline, Bloody Sunday, and Dead Destination. DELETE THEM ALL. THERE ARE ALSO SEVERAL MAPS AND ADDONS/SKINS FROM gamemaps.com that have issues. Check your ADDONS list in your main menu to figure out which ones they are (they will be highlighted in red). Updates on our maps coming!

Left For Dead 2/L4D2 uses VPK files for its campaigns. Our VPKs usually have any and all versus content removed. To install, use 7-zip and un-7-zip in to your Steam Left 4 Dead 2 "addons" folder:

For x32 Windows (32 bit) -> C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead 2\addons (C:\ drive if that's where you install your games)
For x64 Windows (64 bit) -> C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\addons (C:\ drive if that's where you install your games)
Make sure to check your addons folder for multiple copies of the same map.
(nomercy_v1.vpk, nomercy_v2.vpk)
If you find files with the same name or different version numbers, delete all but the newest versions.
To make all your addons work with Steams/Valves constant updates that do nothing but crash Left 4 Dead 2, we suggest removing all but the newest addons.
If you are using mods/addons and can't join a regular game. Start the game, click Extras, and uncheck all the addon maps/skins except the map you are playing. Or just rename your addons folder (example: XXaddons), then change it back to play the maps your addons/skins work with. Enjoy everyone!

All our maps are 7-zipped. Download 7-zip: CLICK HERE

Let us clear the air everyone. Full credit for all maps goes to their original authors. Valve's SDK is open source, and proprietary to Valve. We can make the maps playable by adding Valve's very own files to them and host them for download on our game servers and this website. All we have to do is credit the author. That has ALWAYS been done. Look inside the VPK. Check this link for verification of this:


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