Left 4 Dead 1 Left 4 Dead 2

Quedan 4x Morir + Going Ballisitc are now available at gamemaps.com


Realtek drivers with X-fi Scout Mode, DD Live, and DTS

*NEW 11/3/17* Realtek X-fi Modded Driver: CLICK HERE

*NEW 11/3/17* Photo proof of the driver: CLICK HERE

*NEW 11/3/17* Youtube instructions: CLICK HERE


This will allow you to always find Gunnys Hooch and Colds Juke Joint. These 2 servers will show up under "Play On Steam Group Server" that can be accessed form the main menu of the game. All 8 slots are visible so no crazy shenanigans to join a game. Look forward to hunting with you real soon!

*** Gunnys and Locos Server Files ***

*UPD 12/6/17* Server Files Zipped: CLICK HERE

*UPD 12/6/17* Server Files RARed: CLICK HERE

*UPD 12/6/17* Server Files 7-Zipped: CLICK HERE

*** Campaigns and Maps ***

*NEW 10/16/17* Dreamz - Fixed: CLICK HERE
*New 10/29/17* Dreamz - Fixed: CLICK HERE:GAMEMAPS

Version 2.0. Campaign had NO download link in mission file, so put in a working link for our website. Missing stringtable files in maps 1,2, and 4. This is the same version that is on gamemaps.com. That version links to our website - woot woot! Thank you author kSxMgo!

*NEW 10/9/17* Facility 13 2017: CLICK HERE

Campaign had NO download link in mission file, so put in a working link for gamemaps.com. Added line in addoninfo.txt so it shows up as survival map. Works with version from gamemaps of course.

*UPD 10/9/17* L4D2 Unreal Tournament & Unreal Space: CLICK HERE

Fixed mission file having wrong map 2 name on Unreal Space. Added hordes and lasersights to UT. Here are the maps L4D2 Unreal Tournament and L4D2 Unreal Space. They both needed sound, model, and stringtable fixes. Links direct to gamemaps.com. Enjoy finally, these two are fun fun fun!

*NEW 10/3/17* Symbyosys v13: CLICK HERE

Here is the map Symbyosys by Emilio3 with all textures, sound, models, and map files in one vpk. Removed intro. Removed unused sound and model files. Removed custom weapons. Removed sound files already included by game. Removed custom tank. ALL REMOVALS TO MAKE CAMPAIGN FIT IN TO ONE VPK.

NEW 10/3/2017* Stenches: CLICK HERE

NEW 10/3/2017* Outbreak - Fixed: CLICK HERE

NEW 10/3/2017* Neverending War: CLICK HERE

NEW 10/3/2017* Kokiri Forest: CLICK HERE

NEW 10/3/2017* Yanzhou: CLICK HERE

NEW 10/3/2017* Left 4 Duluth 2017: CLICK HERE

NEW 10/3/2017* Quedan 4x Morir: CLICK HERE

NEW 10/3/2017* Crash Bandicoot 2: CLICK HERE

NEW 10/3/2017* Left Or Right: CLICK HERE

NEW 10/3/2017* Lego 4 Dead 2: CLICK HERE

NEW 10/3/2017* Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom: CLICK HERE

NEW 10/3/2017* Going Ballistic: CLICK HERE

NEW 7/17/16* The Ultimate Woods: CLICK HERE

7 mapper that combines THe Woods with The Woods 2. Uses the finale from The Woods by the way. Enjoy all.

NEW 7/7/16* Apocalypse 2: CLICK HERE

5 mapper that is not too bad. Enjoy.

NEW 7/6/16* Leaving Home: CLICK HERE

This version has stringtable files in maps 2, 4, and 5 so the map will not crash on coop servers that run it. Enjoy.

NEW 4/27/16* Hard Rain Downpour: CLICK HERE

Latest version - WORKS WITH GAMEMAPS VERSION - but this has a working link to gamemaps.com. The map on gamemaps HAS NO LINK for others to download map when you are in game.

*UPD 4/20/16* Escape From Toronto 2: CLICK HERE
*UPD 4/20/16* Escape From Toronto 2: CLICK HERE:GAMEMAPS

Fixed this great map that is also over on gamemaps.com. 6 mapper campaign. This is final at v3.0. If you downloaded a version from yesterday, 4/19, 4/17 or 4/16, delete it and use this one. Those crash others crash. Enjoy folks!

NEW 3/31/16* Lost v2 Fixed: CLICK HERE

Version 1.0, the same release as several months ago only a duplicate backup map file removed. This is coop only. Added a sound.cache file to map for custom sounds to work. Created stringtable_dictionary.dct for all 6 maps. THIS IS THE SAME MAP THAT IS ON GAMEMAPS.COM. Enjoy all!

*UPD 3/3/16* Dead Military 2: CLICK HERE: OUR SITE
*UPD 3/3/16* Dead Military 2: CLICK HERE: GAMEMAPS

Here is the latest Dead Military 2. This is version 9.0. Fixed map 7 not changiong to map 8, the finale. The links in this map take everyone to gamemaps.com. Updated finale to latest version - and finally working. This is a super cool 8 mapper from L4D1 with all the L4D2 goodies. Lots of hordes and killing!

*UPD 3/4/16* Goldeneye 4 Dead Fixed: CLICK HERE: GAMEMAPS
*UPD 2/26/16* You Are Doomed: CLICK HERE

Released on gamemaps.com. Version 1.0. Lost 80 mb of bloated textures and models. Added all the L4D2 goodies!

*NEW 2/26/16* Dead Vacation L4D2: CLICK HERE: OUR SITE
*NEW 2/26/16* Dead Vacation L4D2: CLICK HERE: GAMEMAPS

Released on gamemaps.com. Fixed no ammo piles on finale. Version 7.0 and final now - REALLY. This is the latest version of this map. This one is called Dead Vacation L4D2, and the previous version is Dead Vacation 2. Keep them both if you want. This map's download link takes everyone to the workshop, where this map resides. Enjoy all - this map rocks and rolls!

*UPD 2/2/16* Silent Hill 2: CLICK HERE

All 4 endings working - EVEN THE SECRET ONE, FINALLY!! Type: map l4d_sh_credits in to console to see the credit map - it is hilarious. Sound now working. This is the same version that is on gamemaps.com = v7.0. Link in this map takes new players to gamemaps.com to download. L4D2 goodies and horrifyingly scary sounds throughout the campaign, wowsa!!

*NEW 1/26/16* Haunted Forest v1.3: CLICK HERE

Here is this map WITH a working download link. WORKS WITH GAMEMAPS VERSION. All maps here that have only there download link updated work with GAMEMAPS.COM and WORKSHOP versions of that map.

*NEW 1/22/16* Death Trip v5: CLICK HERE

Missing string_table.dct file in finale map. THIS MAP FROM ANY OTHER SOURCE WILL ALWAYS CRASH IF ANY PLAYER JOINS THE GAME AFTER LOBBY ON THE FIANLE. Enjoy a classic that now works again.

*NEW 1/8/16* Resident Evil 1 (PSOne): CLICK HERE

Missing string_table.dct file in map 4. THIS MAP FROM ANY OTHER SOURCE WILL ALWAYS CRASH IF ANY PLAYER JOINS THE GAME AFTER LOBBY. This version WILL NOT work with workshop or gamemaps.com version. Link in this map takes a player to this site. Took out melee weapon models too. THIS MAP WORKS!!!

List of everything in our addons folder: CLICK HERE

All our maps are 7-zipped. Download 7-zip: CLICK HERE<

*NEW 12/4/15* 2032: CLICK HERE

Here is the map 2032 about 130 MB smaller and with a custom outrotitle. Links to the version on gamemaps.com.


*UPD 12/4/15*






These are now in our Steam Workshop. Head over there or grab them all here. Grab all 5 apocalypse maps, then load up No Mercy APOCALYPSE 2 on our servers and play them all in a row! Dead Air has not been redone, but Blood Woods is a great fill in until it is. All maps by ROMBU. Dastardly good fun fellow hunters!

*UPD 12/4/15* Last version of goanna's Stenches campaign: CLICK HERE

*UPD 12/4/15* Last version of goanna's Death Island: CLICK HERE

*NEW 10/17/15* Dead Air Modified 6.0: CLICK HERE

Here is the version of the map with a working link to gamemaps.com. WILL WORK WITH GAMEMAPS.COM VERSION.

*NEW 11/07/15* Racoon City Nemesis: CLICK HERE

Missing string_table.dct file in map 2. THIS MAP FROM ANY OTHER SOURCE WILL ALWAYS CRASH IF ANY PLAYER JOINS THE GAME AFTER LOBBY. This version WILL NOT work with workshop or gmaemaps.com version. Link in this map takes a player to this site. But this map WORKS!!!

*NEW 8/10/15* Blood Hospital 2: CLICK HERE

Ahhhh, it seems like such a long time since I went to the General Hospitale! All the L4D2 goodies and the link goes to gamemaps.com. Calling Dr. Love aka Tanky Wanky!

*UPD 7/15/15* Dead Industry 2: CLICK HERE

Took out conflicting model from this map. You do not have to update unless you want one less conflict in addons. This is another classic 5 map campaign from Left For Dead 1!

NEW 7/3/15* Deadly Dispatch: CLICK HERE

This version of the map has a working link to gamemaps.com. Will also work with the map form gamemaps.com. The map on gamemaps.com has NO link in it for others to download map when they see you in a lobby or game.

NEW 6/27/15* Suicide Blitz 2 v1: CLICK HERE

Here is the first version, complete (5 maps), of this campaign. There are 4 versions in total. Check it for fun and enjoy!

NEW 6/16/15* Derailed 2: CLICK HERE

Here is an updated version of derailed with melee and all the l4d2 goodies. Ride on trucks, boats and trains to your escape fro the apocalypse! Delete derailed.vpk from addons. New map is called derailed2.vpk. Enjoy all!

NEW 6/6/15* Stenches v4.8: CLICK HERE

Here is beta version 4.8 of Stenches. We like this one the best and have it on a server or two. Thanks for all your great mapping efforts goanna! His other awesome map is Death Island. It has been here on our site for quite some time. The latest version of Stenches is here as well. Woot woot!

NEW 5/31/15* Twinkie's Night Scope: CLICK HERE

Here is the night vision scope from Twinkie's Turbo Desert Scout. Gives all sniper rifles including the hunting rifle a slight night vision effect.Very nice.

NEW 5/20/15* Racoon City Nemesis: CLICK HERE

Added stringtable_dictionary.dct files to maps 1, 3, 4, 6, and 7. This stops the map crashing on modded servers. WILL NOT WORK WITH WORKSHOP VERSION! 7 maps of Resident Evil zombie fun and frolic. Enjoy all.

UPD 5/16/15* City Center Apocalypse: CLICK HERE

Version 2.0. Fixed maps crash in finale. THIS MAP IS BANGING! Here is the never finished map City Center. 3 of 4 maps were done with no finale. We put in a finale that should make you smile. Enjoy all!

*UPD 5/5/15* Project Auburn L4D1: CLICK HERE

FIXED! Version 2.0. Generated new stringtable_dictionary.dct file for map 2. Enjoy everyone! This version has 4 maps. L4D2 version only has 3.

*UPD 3/15/15* No More Industries 2: CLICK HERE

Updated a few things to make this one not crash. 5 mapper with sweet finale.Hunt on!

*NEW 3/12/15* Last Call 2: CLICK HERE

Here is an update of Last Call with a much better finale. Will not conflict with other version of Last Call.

*NEW 3/5/15* Escape: Basic Instincts: CLICK HERE

Here is a 7 mapper from our good friend TimeLords. He has combined 4 other useless maps (Amsterdam, Finale Salvation, The Palace, and Base Instinct) in to one helluva great fragfest of the walking dead. Enjoy and check out his Steam Group and servers.

*NEW 3/3/15* The Return: Escape From Lousiana: CLICK HERE

This is the updated version of this map. Not available anywhere else. Version 5.8. Rock on, hunt on everybody!

*NEW 2/21/15* Dead Before Dawn Extended: CLICK HERE ON GAMEMAPS

You cannot get this map anywhere else but here. 6 maps, including the extra level form the DC versions. No crashing. Sweet.

*NEW 2/20/15* Dead Before Dawn Too: CLICK HERE ON GAMEMAPS

The original, the one we all waited for back in year one of L4D2. Delete deadbeforedawn2.vpk. That map will work with this one if you direct connect to a server (serverbrowser or Steam Group Servers method). Sweet.

*NEW 2/19/15* Convoy: CLICK HERE

Fixed 55 models with the wrong extension and removed population file that is not necessary. Updated with working link to broken map at gamemaps.com. This version now has working link to gamemaps.com and works with that version too, but has the fixed models.

*UPD 1/30/15* Escape The Devil's Chapel: CLICK HERE

Version 6.0 updating from version 5.0. We started on version 4.0. Sorry all. Timelords has put together another 8 mapper. Had to add some weapons and fix the sound in five of the maps. The actual game soundscapes, background, fire sounds, survivor chatter, etc. This is now great stuff!

*UPD 1/30/15* The Bitter End: CLICK HERE

Map is no longer on l4dmaps.com. Updated link in map so others can join your game and download the map, duh. But I actually forgot to update the link. Here is The Bitter End, a very fun and super challenging 3 map campaign.

*UPD 1/22/15* Pitch Black Mesa 2: CLICK HERE

Updated and tweaked with more laser sights, eased difficulty on map 4, and generally improved gameplay. Pitch Black Mesa 2 is a 6 map extravaganza made for L4D1. We have updated with all the L4D2 goodies and welcome you to Gordon Freemans world WITH zombies!. Climb aboard and kill 'em all!

*NEW 12/18/14* New World Order TLM Version: CLICK HERE

12 mapper from TimelordsRDShite. This one is awesome sauce everyone. Grab it now and let the carnage begin!

*NEW 12/11/14* Naniwa City 2: CLICK HERE

This one has been redone from map 1 thru map 5. Fun stuff - enjoy it everyone!

*NEW 11/29/14* Lord Of The Rings Campaign: CLICK HERE

Here is a battle thru Moria, Mordor, and finally a showdown at Helm's Deep. This shit rules. Enjoy all!

*NEW 11/28/14* Dead High School 2.0: CLICK HERE

This is the fixed model version with download link to here. Enjoy this one it is an oldie goldie.

*NEW 11/17/14* Away Stadium: CLICK HERE

*NEW 11/17/14* Hotarubi: CLICK HERE

Here are 2 maps I found in Japan. Both 3 maps long. Check 'em!

*NEW 11/16/14* Destination Devil Mountain: CLICK HERE

TimelordRDShite combined the reverse L4D1 maps and several others for this 12 map extravaganza. This map is silly good and challenging thanks to the Timelord! Enjoy all!

*UPD 11/12/14* Coal'd Blood 2: CLICK HERE

Updated some model error and a texture error. Went to survivor set 1. Added laser sights and more melee wepaons. Fixed weapons to spawn in safe rooms. Used the same fix for Lost and GoldenEye and Auburn. Version 3.0 updated to 4.0, then 5.0 and finally 6.0 on 11/12/14. Enjoy everyone!


Fixed by adding sound.cache file. Fixed Outro image and regular map image. Updated link to gamemaps.com. WORKS WITH GAMEMAPS VERSION. Enjoy everyone!

*UPD 11/4/14* Home Front: CLICK HERE

Long lost map frm L4D2. 4 map campaign. Fair to midland, but something old that is new. Enjoy everyone!

*UPD 10/22/14* Cape Murder L4D2: CLICK HERE ON GAMEMAPS

Great little 5 mapper that is super fun!

*NEW 10/4/14* Powerstation: CLICK HERE

Fun and frolic abounds in this extremely difficult and rage quit inducing map. Enjoy!

*NEW 10/4/14* Lost v2 Fixed: CLICK HERE ON GAMEMAPS

FINALLY FIXED! Used the same fix for Lost and GoldenEye and Auburn. Enjoy everyone!

*NEW 10/4/14* GoldenEye 4 Dead: CLICK HERE IN WORKSHOP

FINALLY FIXED! Many years battling this one. Missing the stringtable_dictionary.dct in the .bsp map 1 file. All L4D2 map files NEED this. WOW. Enjoy everyone!

*UPD 10/1/14* Cold Fear L4D2: CLICK HERE ON GAMEMAPS

This one needed some TLC. All the L4D2 goodies present now. She is good to go. Great classic 5 map L4D1 campaign. Super fun and very challenging.

*NEW 9/16/14* The Last Stop 2: CLICK HERE

Updated this cool 5 mapper from L4D1 with all the L4D2 goodies. Lots of hordes and killing! Check it out and enjoy everyone!

*Military Industrial Complex III v666: CLICK HERE ON GAMEMAPS

The Coldmaster gives this one two thumbs and two big toes way up!

*UPD 9/25/14* The Cure 13: CLICK HERE

5 mapper with no link to download lol. Updated that link to gamemaps.com. Works with gamemaps/l4dmaps.com version. Put this one on your server. Enjoy!

*UPD 9/16/14* TBM Survivor: CLICK HERE

There was no link to gamemaps.com or anywhere for that matter. Models all had wrong extension, .vtx, should be .dx90.vtx. ALso no soundcache file for sounds to work. ALL FIXED. Link put in for gamemaps.com so others can join game. Works with version of map that has all of these things wrong in it btw.

*UPD 9/6/14* No Fate 2: CLICK HERE

Version 2.0. Updated this little 3 mapper from L4D1 with all the L4D2 goodies. Lots of hordes! Check it!

*NEW 8/31/14* Till Death Do Us Part: CLICK HERE

4 mapper combining Till Death and Break Line. Rescue is a crazy run to the last saferoom in a cave. Fun stuff.

*UPD 8/24/14* Ottawa Rock City: CLICK HERE

Here is an the update to Ottawa Rock City. This version works with the gamemaps.com version, but has sillier music. Gotta love it!


*NEW 8/15/14* Space Jockeys 2012: CLICK HERE

Here is this great map with working link to gamemaps.com. Voila!

*NEW 8/9/14* Dead Getaway (L4D2): CLICK HERE GAMEMAPS

Link for this map takes you to the L4D1 version, so no one ever plays cuz they can't join! Fixed to corect link on gamemaps.com. Fixed water not showing on map 1 in basement of building and fixed mining car model error in map 2.

*NEW 7/18/14* Silesia: CLICK HERE

Here is Silesia. The 2 maps from it are awesome. We added 3 maps from Escape From Bayside, and a finale from Zombie Genocide. One of our best efforts in these mash ups. Check it.

*UPD 7/9/14* Night Terror 2013: CLICK HERE

This is the same version that was on l4dmaps.com. This map's .bsp map files have not been altered in anyway. Only 111 model files extensions were changed so they are now visible and a sound.cache file added so sound works. Works with pulled version from gamemaps.com. Working link to our site now due to this. Enjoy!

*NEW 6/26/14* Deadbeat Escape: CLICK HERE

Link in this map is the developer's Steam group. Updated link to gamemaps.com. Works with other link version. Enjoy!

*NEW 6/25/14* Precinct 84 L4D2: CLICK HERE

Link in this map is the developer's website which is no longer in existence. Updated link to gamemaps.com. Works with bad link version. Enjoy!

*NEW 6/17/14* Doom 4 Dead 2: CLICK HERE

First map of a 4 map campaign based on Doom. Enjoy!

*UPD 5/30/14* Deathcraft 2.1: CLICK HERE GAMEMAPS

Removed common infected and Zoey. Sorry I missed those. Latest version of Deathcraft WITHOUT the modified survivors, weapons, specials, common infectedetc. Works with previous version posted here and with version from l4dmaps.com too. Enjoy!

*NEW 5/17/14* Ultimate Woods: CLICK HERE GAMEMAPS

Combined The Woods and The Woods 2 in to a 7 map extravaganza! Finale on The Woods 2 blew, so we use the first maps finale. Sweet!

*NEW 4/12/14* Monster Mill 2: CLICK HERE

Here is Monster Mill because we could.

*UPD 4/11/14* Firetower Trail 2.65: CLICK HERE

Here is the latest version of Firetower. Took out some unneeded model files and fixed addoninfo.txt file that was missing the last closing bracket. Enjoy!

*NEW 3/30/14* New World Order 2: CLICK HERE

Combined the L4D map with the L4D2 map so we can play this as an 8 map marvel-apocalypse!! Only a 30 mb download all!

*UPD 3/29/14* Witch Hunter 2: CLICK HERE

Fixed sound and made only weapon on map 1 autoshotgun and spas for the witches. Tisa is a great guy. Thanks for the song and the understanding of my silliness in "porting".

*NEW 3/27/14* Dead Echo 2: CLICK HERE

The link in this one is dead. Set the link to l4dmaps.com so others can download if they try to join your game.

*NEW 3/22/14* China Of The Dead: CLICK HERE

The link in this one is dead. Set the link to l4dmaps.com so others can download if they try to join your game.

*UPDATE 2/22/14* Dead Vacation 2: CLICK HERE IN WORKSHOP

Big sorry here. Had to revert to older version of map, meaning I had to re-do it. This is version 4. This should be the final. Last map was missing models the author cleverly outwitted me on, missed a few events, so this one will have to do. Exceptional this way btw!

*UPD 1/30/14* Escape From Toronto: CLICK HERE

Map was corrupt horribly. Sorry all. This has been posted for some months. File is good to go now. Last UPD: Fixed intro. L4D2 weapons, melee and other goodies now incuded. New music in the bowling alley too. Enjoy!

*NEW 1/30/14* Hystyria: CLICK HERE

Fixed map spawn error in map 2 going to 3. Good to go now!

*1/24/14* Death Island: CLICK HERE IN WORKSHOP

Author pulled this map from l4dmaps.com AND shut down his website. I understand completely. Here is the super quest map Death Island. Delete all other versions of this map.

*NEW 1/23/14* Death Strip: CLICK HERE

The developer of this map took down his website. That was the site that had the link for others to download map! We updated the link so others can download the map if you fire up a game. Server owners especially update. Works with other version of the map with the broken link, of course.

*UPD 1/16/14* Stenches: CLICK HERE IN WORKSHOP

Author pulled this map from l4dmaps.com AND shut down his website. Here is the great map Stenches. Works with the version that links people to his own site as well. We just helping out.

*NEW 1/15/14* Missing Content/Pink Wall Fix and then some: CLICK HERE

Valve removed some assets recently. Here is the fix. Helps in Yama and many other maps.

*NEW 1/2/14 The Woods: CLICK HERE

*NEW 12/31/13* Detour Ahead L4D1/Reactor: CLICK HERE

Interestingly, The older version, no longer available btw, of Detour is very familiar. Reactor is a great map as well. Check them out together.

*NEW 12/31/13* HEM No Mercy Special Edition: CLICK HERE

Die and die again with this one. Working download link and in English.

*NEW 12/29/13* 2019 II: CLICK HERE

Whew. ONE VPK. Pretty sure this was around 2 GB with the sound pack assets. Hows aboutsa just 1 GB, 1 VPK.

*NEW 12/7/13* Lost In Linz 2: CLICK HERE ON GAMEMAPS

Let's go hunting zombos all over Linz, Austria. What could be better? 5 glorious maps to boot!

*UPD 12/6/13* Die Trying 2: CLICK HERE

Fixed intro animation, missing texture map 3, and map images not showing up. Added magnums, laser sights, explosive spawns, and the such. Map is right as rain now. Enjoy!

*NEW 11/22/13* Dniepr 1.0: CLICK HERE ON GMAEMAPS

Cleaned it up. Made all sounds mp3s, reducing file size. Coop only. WILL NOT WORK WITH l4dmaps.com VERSION.

*NEW 11/20/13* Helms Deep Reborn Classic: CLICK HERE

The author took out Gandalf's voice, Gimli's horn blowing, and all the LOTR music - YIKES - Delete all versions and go with this one - it is named it helmsdeepreborn.vpk. You can also have the l4dmaps.com version installed no problem

*NEW 11/20/13* Half-Life 2: Water Hazard: CLICK HERE

Here is the new Half Life 2 mega map from l4dmaps, ALL IN ONE VPK. This map DOES WORK with the one from l4dmaps.com, we are just cooler and have it all in one vpk because we rule.

*NEW 11/13* Firetower Trail 1.2: CLICK HERE

This is a one map version of Firetower = super cool - everything in one map instead of 4.

*UPD 11/13* Country Roads NC: CLICK HERE

Fixed safe room spawns and sign in map 2. Here is a 5 map extravaganza you will enjoy. Fixed intro and weapon spawns. Added all L4D2 goodies. Fixed model errors and last map spawn problem. Delete previous map countryroad2.vpk. This one is named countryroads2.vpk, with an s after road.

*NEW 11/8/13* Military Industrial Complex L4D1: CLICK HERE

This one is stranger, harder, and longer than the second one made for L4D2. Enjoy this one, 6 maps of insanity.

*NEW 11/6/13* Crossing Over L4D2: CLICK HERE ON GAMEMAPS

Made this great map L4D2 ready to rock and roll! Enjoy!

*NEW 11/3* Egyptian Carnage: CLICK HERE

Walk and hunt like an Egyptian!

*UPD 10/31/13* Death Row L4D2: CLICK HERE

File was corrupt since posting it the first time. Sorry all! Fixed intro. All the L4D2 goodies are now in this map. Enjoy the run!

*NEW 10/25/13* Ron Swanson: CLICK HERE

133 MB of sound files! NO WAY. We reduced the size of this one by 120 MB. Mappers are ridculous in not knowing they can use 128kbs CBR .mp3 files. DOES NOT WORK WITH L4Dmaps.com version.

*UPD 10/25/13* Death Stop L4D2: CLICK HERE

Fixed intro. We had to add lots more L4D2 stuff to this one and fix some decals and signs.

*NEW 9/28/13* Death Hour 2: CLICK HERE

This one stopped working on servers with more than 4 players coop - removed all L4D1 survivors. Inasanely hard map. Only 9 MB in size, but a full 5 map campaign! Pretty good and challenging.

*NEW 9/20/13* Let's Build A Rocket: CLICK HERE

Link in map no good for downloading - fixed. Enjoy!

*NEW 9/20/13* Let's Build A Car: CLICK HERE

Link in map no good for downloading - fixed. Enjoy!

*NEW 8/29/13* Space Jockeys Original: CLICK HERE

The new Space Jockeys 2012 crashes all our servers. Here is the oldie but working goodie. Enjoy!

*NEW 8/21/13* Urik Menu Mod w/serverbrowser: CLICK HERE

Best mod in game. Makes the menu AWESOME!

*NEW 7/25/13* My Fear: CLICK HERE

Simple little L4D1 3 map campaign from our friends in Europe.

*UPD 7/22/13* Blood Harvest 3: CLICK HERE

Updated with real names for the maps that will not conflict with Blood Harvest Cool.

All maps available for download: CLICK HERE

Here is the fix client side needed to run the CSS knife: CLICK HERE

Here are the latest addons/skins/mods we use: CLICK HERE

What is an addon/skin?: CLICK HERE

All of our skins/mods are renmaed starting with MOD. Example: MODre6 survivors.vpk. This way you will never lose track of your skins/mods in your addons folder and can delete them easily if you do not like them.

List of everything in our addons folder: CLICK HERE

*NEW 6/5/13* Left 4 Dust 2: CLICK HERE

This map needed source files taken out, mission file cleaned up with working download link, and a place that is friendly to call home. Left 4 Dust was a great map, and we are sure this one is too. Enjoy everyone!

*NEW 6/5/13* Cold Stream Beta: CLICK HERE

This map will work with version that was posted but pulled down from l4dmaps.com.

*NEW 4/6/13* Blackout Extended: CLICK HERE

The map 1 tanks are fixed (6 tanks lol - now there is one). Check out this 25 mb download, it is quite good.

*UPD 3/22/13* Zombie Movie Without Name!: CLICK HERE

Here is a version of the map with all images, outro and intro titles, PLUS, imagine this everyone, A DOWNLOAD LINK SO OTHERS CAN GET THE MAP!!

*NEW 3/8/13* Chaos Theory L4D2: CLICK HERE

I don't know what the author/porter at l4dmaps.com was thinking with this one, but here it is fixed up right and working.


Map is available at l4dmaps.com.


Map is available at l4dmaps.com.

*NEW 2/23/13* Current Addons and Skins: CLICK HERE

These are our current skins and addons - Install all to your addons folder - no conflicts, enjoy your new game called L4D2!

*NEW 2/22/13* Desert Camo Scout w/nightvision scope: CLICK HERE

Credit to quick shots and Twinkie. This skins the scout and gives you a nightvision scope on the scout and all other sniper rifles. Sweet!


Breakline: CLICK HERE

Lord Of The Rings L4D2: CLICK HERE

New World Order: CLICK HERE

Town Escape: CLICK HERE

Zombie Blackout v3: CLICK HERE

These campaigns had a container model in them that caused hunters to fall through all colors of shipping containers. Tested, working now.

*UPD 2/11/13* Fairfield: CLICK HERE

2nd update in past 2 days. Pink pallets fixed. Cleaned up mission file. This is No Mercy, Crash Course, and Death Toll all in one. Some like it better than the L4D2 versions, these are exactly like the L4D1 versions of the maps.

*UPD 2/9/13* Attica Region: CLICK HERE

Cleaned up mission file. Will work with previous version but update, it is only 5 MB. This is 2 maps moving over the city skyline under construction. There is a cool finale with a moving rescue chopper.

*UPD 2/2/13* Left 4 Murdoc 2: CLICK HERE

Mission file was giving error and had wrong download link. This version will work with the old version, but update anyway so friends can join your game.

*UPD 2/2/13* Umbrella: CLICK HERE

Mission file was giving error. This version will work with the old version, but update anyway - file size is 15 MB.


Map is available at l4dmaps.com.


Map is available at l4dmaps.com.


Map is available at l4dmaps.com.

*UPD 2/1/13* DeathCraft 1.0: CLICK HERE

Updated mission file so other could download. This is the version with regular survivors and weapons, not Minecraft ones. Even though links have been on our site, this file has not been available for several months here, so enjoy

*NEW 1/26/13* Belle Fire 2: CLICK HERE

Combined the L4D1 and L4D2 versions to make a uiquely insane 5 map jaunt - very quick romp btw.

*NEW 1/25/13* 2019 HD: CLICK HERE

Converted sound files to mp3 (smaller VPK). Added the HD textures author offered as additional VPK download.

*NEW 1/25/13* Dead Destination: CLICK HERE

Fixed conflict with other addons.

*UPD 1/25/13* Reverse Blood Harvest: CLICK HERE

Fixed conflict with other addons.

*UPD 1/25/13* Reverse No Mercy: CLICK HERE

Fixed conflict with other addons.

Deadly Ending: GET AT L4DMAPS.COM

Map is available at l4dmaps.com.

VALVE UPDATED - 9 maps needed posters, outrotitles, and conflicting sounds and models/materials cleaned up: Dead Vacation, Reverse Blood Harvest/No Mercy, Death Pull (daytime Death Toll), Belle Fire 2, Breakline, Bloody Sunday, and Dead Destination. DELETE THEM ALL. THERE ARE ALSO SEVERAL MAPS AND ADDONS/SKINS FROM l4dmaps.com that have issues. Check your ADDONS list in your main menu to figure out which ones they are (they will be highlighted in red). Updates on our maps coming!


Left For Dead 2/L4D2 uses VPK files for its campaigns. Our VPKs usually have any and all versus content removed. To install, use 7-zip and un-7-zip in to your Steam Left 4 Dead 2 "addons" folder:

For x32 Windows (32 bit) -> C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\ common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead 2\addons (C:\ drive if that's where you install your games)
For x64 Windows (64 bit) -> C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead 2\addons (C:\ drive if that's where you install your games)

Make sure to check your addons folder for multiple copies of the same map.
(nomercy_v1.vpk, nomercy_v2.vpk)
If you find files with the same name or different version numbers, delete all but the newest versions.

To make all your addons work with Steams/Valves constant updates that do nothing but crash Left 4 Dead 2, we suggest removing all but the newest addons.

If you are using mods/addons and can't join a regular game. Start the game, click Extras, and uncheck all the addon maps/skins except the map you are playing. Or just rename your addons folder (example: XXaddons), then change it back to play the maps your addons/skins work with. Enjoy everyone!

Download smaller 7-zipped versions of Cold Case and Cold Case : The Forsaken. Everything Cold Case: CLICK HERE

All our maps are 7-zipped. Download 7-zip: CLICK HERE

Install your own modded server on your home PC: CLICK HERE

All melee weapons, every map, our servers, 4 kb: CLICK HERE


*UPD 1/16/13* Black City v4: CLICK HERE

Fixed finale so vehicle leaves. Now all 5 maps available (REALLY)! Good stuff!

*UPD 1/14/13* Pitch Black Mesa L4D2: CLICK HERE

Updated with crowbars and a magnum or two. Fixed a few decals and one model. Can you feel the magic Gordon Freeman! Few weapons, limited ammo = HARD. Explore EVERYWHERE. Wussies need not download.

*NEW 12/30* Stargate SG v2: CLICK HERE

This version still links to l4dmaps.com version. This IS the version for L4D2. Fixes the invisible radio you need to activate in map 3 that is on the corner table in saferoom.

*UPD 12/30* Jungle Urban Crisis v7: CLICK HERE

Jungle Crisis, the Fly Gabe campaign, Agony of Mankind, and Dead On Time 2 make up this 6 map extravaganza!

*NEW 12/9* Urban Underground: CLICK HERE

Links for this map started http://http://. Fixed so others can download map and play with you. Download link still points to l4dmaps.com. Added OutroTitle (used Deadline2) which was missing too. Cleaned up mission file completely.

*UPD 12/9* Ruination: CLICK HERE

Our link on this site was dead lol. All links in this map were dead. Updated so others can download map and play with you.

*UPD 11/27* Precinct 84 v1: CLICK HERE

This is the first version where the gas station can blow up. Previous version on the site had conflicting mission file with the 2nd version.

*UPD 11/27* Whispers In The Dark: CLICK HERE

This one had bad links from our update and needed to have the sound files cached/updated. Should be good to go now.

*UPD 11/9* Blood Harvest Cool: CLICK HERE

Fixed panic events. THE BEST BH! This will work on all servers now, not just ours. Keep either this one on or BH 3.

*NEW 11/3* Dead On Time 2: CLICK HERE


*UPD 10/28* Bayside Genocide: CLICK HERE

This one combines the 4 decent maps from Escape From Bayside with Zombie Genocide and its 2 map quickie w/finale deal. Not a bad 6 mapper - UPDATED TODAY 4x's - sorry all.

*NEW 10/21* Drop Dead 2: CLICK HERE

Quick little 2 mapper.

*NEW 10/21* Field Of The Dead: CLICK HERE

Another quick little 2 map campaign. Pretty sure this one has a finale too.


Fixed texture and model errors - this one is short and sweet, 3 maps in all.

*NEW 10/21* Undead Zone CLICK HERE

This one had no download link in the mission file for those to grab the map to join your game. Playable with the version from l4dmaps.com.

*NEW 10/10* Infierno CLICK HERE

Another superb map from the author of Quedan 4x Morir, Son Gouki.

*UPD 10/2* Zombie Blackout v3: CLICK HERE

Fixed some decals and a map change. Black Out meets Fright Train and Zombie Movie Without A Name!! Disable Without A Name. Delete Blackout Extended and Fright Train. Map is perfect now :)

*UPD 9/26* Dead Industry: CLICK HERE

Fixed massive lag at the end of map 1. Loading image is fixed now. Super hard 5 map campaign from L4D1.

*NEW 9/20* I Hate Mountains L4D1: CLICK HERE

Had a request for this one. Made it L4D2 survivors.

*NEW 9/4* Heartbreak Fridge: CLICK HERE

This one had glitchy Crash Course vehicle all over map one. Link to download map didn't work either. Updated and link will get the working map here!

*NEW 8/31* Free Passage: CLICK HERE

This map never had a download link and is very good. Will work with version over on www.l4dmaps.com. This version will allow people to download map and join your game.

*NEW 8/30* Interlink: CLICK HERE

This is a map of an Interlink Facility from the only MMOFPS, Planetside. Survivors must survive the Interfarm!

*NEW 8/30* Dead Series v1: CLICK HERE

Always liked the first version of Dead Series the best, so here it is ya'll.

*NEW 8/30* Dead Series v2: CLICK HERE

This is another version of Dead Series that differs form the current one..

*NEW 8/3* A Dam Mission (No voice acting): CLICK HERE

The voice acting is very annoying on this map. Took it out. Download link still goes over to l4dmaps.com. This works on servers running the version with sound.

*NEW 7/16* Hellstorm: CLICK HERE

(6 map campaign from L4D1. Honestly, very boring and not very good.)

*UPD 7/2* Left 4 Murdoc 2: CLICK HERE

Here is a combo of 4 maps: Map 1 is from No Mercy Apokalipsa, sweet, you will love it. Map 2 is from No Mercy Park. Ever wonder where that pool came from in Warecelona? It was here first. Map 3 is the Precinct 84 Prequel form L4D1 = awesome. Finish out with a Murdoc rescue. Replaced Spanish sound with English. Delete Precinct 84 Alpha, No Mercy - Park, and Left 4 Murdoc.

*NEW 6/27* Dead Before Dawn 2 Extended: CLICK HERE

FINALLY! Play the first 2 levels of the L4D1 version with a cool intro for you all and Bill and Zoey. Finish out with Dr. Nick and crew the 4 final maps from the DC. 6 maps in all! And PLEASE enjoy the AC/DC on the ride out of the mall as it should have always been and always has been in the L4D1 version!

*NEW 6/27* 2019: The 4th Week: CLICK HERE

Previous versions of this map had included the official l4d2_intro.bik file in the VPK. If a server owner ran this map in rotation, it would break intros to I Hate Mtns, Dead Ctr, Dark Carnival, Clam Toll, and many many others. Here is the fixed version.

*UPD 6/10* Deathcraft 1.0 L4D2: CLICK HERE

Needed to change mission file to not conflict with official version of this map.

*NEW 6/5* Road To Nowhere L4D1/2: CLICK HERE

6 maps of nowhere fun. First three maps from L4D1, the last 3 from the latest L4D2 version.

UPD 5/13* You Are Doomed L4D2: CLICK HERE


*NEW 4/11* Unreal Tournament L4D2: CLICK HERE

*UPD 4/2* Death Toilet Maze: CLICK HERE

*NEW 3/19* Left 4 Dust: CLICK HERE

*NEW 3/8* Dead 4 Life: CLICK HERE

Let us clear the air everyone. Full credit for all maps goes to their original authors. Valve's SDK is open source, and proprietary to Valve. We can make the maps playable by adding Valve's very own files to them and host them for download on our game servers and this website. All we have to do is credit the author. That has ALWAYS been done. Look inside the VPK. Check this link for verification of this:



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