Left 4 Dead 1 Left 4 Dead 2

Tweaks to enhance your zombie hunting

All our maps are 7-zipped. Download 7-zip: CLICK HERE

- Go clean out all maps you do not play, are beta, or you just plain don't like. The simplest way to keep everything smooth and organized is to uncheck any problem maps under Extras - Addons in the main menu - they will show up hightlighted in red when you look under Addons as of the mid January Valve update to L4D2. When you want to play a map that may cause problems, go check it off. Remember to diasable it by unchecking it when you are done.

- Delete this file: stubble-bold.vfont in this folder: C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\resource. Now you can read everything in L4D2 better. 

Type openserverbrowser in to console to see every game of L4D2 on earth! Now you can add favorite L4D2 servers!

- We run the All Survivors mod on our servers. Hopefully with 8 players you will have one AND ONLY one of every character from L4D1 and L4D2 on the team.

- The "console" is a feature of Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2. It can be activated in the Options menu: go to "Keyboard/Mouse", then enable the "Allow Developer Console" option.  

You can then open the console by pressing the tilde (~) key in game. 

- Binding keys is easy. Tired of getting that message when a server crashes that it will try to reconnect for 120 seconds? Press the tilde key (key to the left of the number 1 key) and the console comes down. You can do this from main menu or in game. Type this in console:

bind "F11" "disconnect"

Then hit the F11 key to immediately disconnect.

bind "F7" "say !csm"

This will bring up the Character Select Menu if it is activated on the server. It is disabled by default.

- Want to use admin with a binded key Type this in console:

bind "F9" "say sm_admin"

Here are all of them:

bind "b" "l4d2_iammo"
bind "g" "sm_berserker"
bind "i" "say /abm"
bind "j" "say !drop"
bind "k" "say !kills"
bind "l" "sm_plane"
bind "u" "sm_forcezerkon"
bind "v" "say !laseron"
bind "INS" "say !pause"
bind "PGDN" "say !unpause"
bind "LEFTARROW" "sm_veto"
bind "RIGHTARROW" "sm_pass"
bind "F3" "askconnect_accept"
bind "F4" "say /perks"
bind "F5" "sm_storm"
bind "F6" "say /csc"
bind "F7" "say !csm"
bind "F8" "mm_dedicated_force_servers"
bind "F9" "say /sm_admin"
bind "F11" "disconnect"
bind "F12" "jpeg"

- On Locos you can do all of the following:

1.Locos: You get to carry two main weapons all the time and also 2 secondary weapons. Take the extra weapon because specials and tanks have enhanced HP on both servers (see #13 and #14 below). It becomes a better and funner game with the extra weapons and the extra HP - PROMISE!
2. Kill 250 zombies on Locos, 175 zombies on Colds or 100 zombies on Gunnys and you get beserker mode for 50 seconds - faster fire, reload, melee, fire bullets, 7 seconds of god mode, full ammo, and health bonus for every 5 zombies killed. Type !b in chat when prompted to activate. No one can see you beserking until everything you slay with your melee catches on fire lol. You can bind to a key too: bind "g" "say !b"
3. Weapons are NOT/NO LONGER enhanced on our servers.
4. You will be asked to take over a bot when you die.
5. You cannot revive with your adrenaline or pills when incapped, THIS IS COOP BABY, better have a teammate help you out
6. You can choose perks for your hunter at the beginning of every round, but remember the AI special infected also spawn with their own perks. Example: that mostly invisble jockey (jk, all jockeys are 100% visible these days), but that tank sure can throw his rock farther than usual, and that smoker tongue is very, very long, and is that jockey using "ludicrous speed"? - AAAAARRRGGHHHH, help Dark Helmet!!!
7. Whenever a special infected/tank is killed, we all get to see who did what damage to it - shooting at the broadside of a barn, ye shall find yerself at times.
8. You can transfer mollies, pipes, bile, peelz, and adrenaline to other teammates and bots using "shove" (right mouse click). Your reload key (the R key) will transfer medkits, defibs, and explosive/fire packs.
9. You can reload the M60 and grenade launcher - you do not lose the M60 when it runs out of ammo. Just keep it and reload it.
10. Bile actually works on our servers. If you have something in front of you, you WILL bile yourself. When you kill a boomer and it explodes it biles anything in its proximity - oh behave!
11. You have a kill counter to remind you how bad ass you truly are, type !kills to reset it when you join and keep up with your headshots and kills (reset it every round to know how close to activating Berserker Mode you are). Type !counter to adjust all other Kill Counter settings.
12. You can type gib in to chat and vote on having unlimited ammo for primary and secondary weapons or having unlimited everything (that includes chainsaw, regular and special ammo, and all throwables. You have to vote EVERY map unfortunately.
13.Locos: Tanks HP on easy = 6000, normal = 8000, advanced = 12000, and expert =12000. Common infected and witches are normal. Common infected vary in HP from a normal HP of 50 to 75. Common move slightly faster too and see you from farther away. Witches will make you black and white if you do not one kill them - BE CAREFUL. When the 5th player joins the HP goes up 50%, 6th player another 50%.
14. Type !laseron in chat and it gives you a lasersight. You only get one lasersight every 20 minutes, so always search for the lasersight boxes. Your lasersight will follow whatever gun you have it on to the new guns you pick up along the way.
15. The special infected have more HP on most difficulty levels as well: Locos: easy = 25% more HP, normal = 50% more HP, advanced = 75% more HP, and expert = Double HP.
16. Healthkits heal you to 100 HP. You are welocme.
17. Equip a defib and right click it on a teammate and it will one time heal them 50 HP. Your defib is now gone, however.
18. We run a plugin that 99% of the time will make everyone a different survivor up to all 8 L4D1 and 2 survivors being in a game with 8 peeps playing coop. Never 2 Zoeys or 3 Bills. Character Select Menu is enabled on both servers. Be who you want, but when changing to L4D1 characters re-pick up melee/pistols and main weapons so you don' have floating weapons or a gun coming out your arse!