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  Daily Award Details

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bilebomb_tank Tank-o Bile-o
Rank Day sort-descending.gif Player Count for the Day
1 2017-07-24  Deadman1 3 Tanks bilebombed
2 2017-06-18  Bonnie The Male Kangaskhan 1 Tanks bilebombed
3 2017-06-13  Sherriff Huckleberry US 3 Tanks bilebombed
4 2017-06-11  Gunny US 1 Tanks bilebombed
5 2017-06-06  Sherriff Huckleberry US 5 Tanks bilebombed
6 2017-06-05  Sherriff Huckleberry US 3 Tanks bilebombed
7 2017-06-03  AgentLeprosy [US] 1 Tanks bilebombed

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WE MISS YOU DEARLY LOCO! We shall slay zombies in your name always! Your kind heart and amazing humor are greatly missed brother!